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The 3-Track Sampler is an album sampler consisting of three demos from an album project that Gaia Online selected for the soundtrack of their event, PROMAGEDDON.

Soundtrack informationEdit

After being invited to contribute 3 songs as the soundtrack to the online event PROMAGEDDON hosted by the anime-orientated social network Gaia Online, Bentley took the prom by storm having his songs stream over 1.1 million times in just 5 days making his music the most popular of the entire event!

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Into the Night" (Looped Demo)
  2. "Road Trip to Oblivion" (Looped Demo)
  3. "Swing Baby!" (Looped Demo)


Live at Summer of Sonic 2009Edit

During the Summer of Sonic 2009 event, "Into the Night" and "Swing Baby!" were performed in the first set of the event. "Into the Night" was used as the opening song after the acapella version of "素直になれたら ~FINAL NIGHT~" was performed as Bentley's entrance onto the stage. "Swing Baby!" was used as the closing song of the first set. "Road Trip to Oblivion" is the only song from the 3-Track Sampler that was never performed live.

Into the Night (Live HQ) Summer of Sonic 2009 - Bentley Jones

Into the Night (Live HQ) Summer of Sonic 2009 - Bentley Jones

"Into the Night" (Live HQ) Summer of Sonic 2009

Swing Baby! (Live HQ) Summer of Sonic 2009 - Bentley Jones

Swing Baby! (Live HQ) Summer of Sonic 2009 - Bentley Jones

"Swing Baby!" (Live HQ) Summer of Sonic 2009

Full VersionsEdit

The full version of "Swing Baby!" was released in the 2010 EP So Much More... and was the first song from the 3-Track Sampler to be officially released in full version. In the 2010 mini-album Finally Free, "Road Trip to OBLIVION v²" was released, revealing a complete rearrangement of the Looped Demo version of "Road Trip to Oblivion"". The full version of "Road Trip to OBLIVION" is more pop rock oriented, and features guitars performed by Nick Jennison. "Into the Night" is the only song that has yet to be released in full version. Due to this song being a collaboration in lyrical terms, a copyright infringement has popped up, preventing Jones from releasing it.


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