Bentley Jones
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British artist, song-writer, producer, composer and remixer Bentley Jones

Birth Name

Lee Brotherton


22 March, 1985 (age 30)


Solihull, West Midlands, England


Pop, Electronic, Club, Rock, J-pop


Producer, vocalist, singer-songwriter, composer, remixer, arranger, engineer, dancer

Record Label

Remix Factory Music

Label Type

Major Label

Booking Agent

Remix Factory Music

Associated Acts

Remix Factory, PHUNKST★R, K-Klub, Fantazia Projekt


Lee Brotherton, better known by his artist alias Bentley Jones (ベントレー・ジョーンズ, Bentorējōnzu), is an English recording artist who signed his debut album – TRANS//LATION to EMI Music Japan in 2008.[1][2] He has achieved countless club chart toppers under his remix pseudonym PHUNKST★R and has produced for many artists including but not limited to Rihanna, Katy Perry,, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Taio Cruz, Calvin Harris, Cheryl Cole, Bruno Mars, Flo-Rida, Whitney Houston and Carly Rae Japsen.[3][4] His first notable release was his song "Dreams of an Absolution" which was featured in the video-game Sonic the Hedgehog and released on CD in Japan.[5][6] In 2009, he released his debut single and Japanese-language album, the prior reaching number 5 on the Recochoku international chart. Jones has been known to perform in English, French[7], Japanese, Scottish and Latin.

His debut English EP - So Much More... (2010) presented the title track – which was selected to be the main theme of Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing – and the full version of "Swing Baby!" from Gaia Online's PROMAGEDDON. After breaking loose of the industry’s constraints and restrictions, Bentley quietly released the protest-memoir mini-album Finally Free (2010) addressing it exclusively to his fans. In June 2011, Bentley released his sophomore bi-lingual album, TRANS//LATION 2, a send-off toasting all areas of Bentley's career in music including a duet with school friend Liz Saunders, cover tracks from his first ever UK shows and brand new re-arrangements of his biggest hits. His third album, UPGRADE 1.0 (2012), features collaborations with J-pop princess May J., the young and fierce Japanese rapper SHUN, J-urban diva Tomomi Shibata (柴田知美), and son of the legendary Dr. DreCurtis Young.[8] His fourth album, Defying Gravity (2014), features the singles "Evolve" and "Nothing. Everything.", as well as a collaboration with his fans - known as "TRUTHSt4lk3rz" - on the track titled "Axiomatis". The album also includes remastered versions of previously unreleased songs "Devil's Cry (Shall Never Surrender)" (an adaptation of the title track from Capcom's video game - Devil May Cry 4) and "残酷な天使のテーゼ" (the legendary theme of the Japanese anime - Evangelion - originally recorded for the unreleased anime project - WE Я ANIMADE) [9] and a co-write with Final Fantasy vocalist Frances Maya for the track "夢のしずく". [10] [11] [12]

Some of his compositions and writing work are credited to his production house and UK label, the Remix Factory. [13]

Music Career

For a collection of Bentley Jones' biographies, see: Bentley Jones/Biography.


OC ReMixer: LeeBro and Involvement with Sonic Team


Lee Brotherton with Jun Senoue

While growing up, Brotherton began experimenting with music production on OverClocked Remix using the username LeeBro.[14] Under ReMixer LeeBro, Brotherton remixed and then uploaded four downloadable songs to the site.[15] Years later, Brotherton sent out an instrumental showreel of his latest works that ended up with Jun Senoue of Sonic Team.[16] Upon receiving the showreel, Senoue contacted Brotherton, asking if he would like to help with a game project. Brotherton was skeptical at first, as he believed that he was being pranked, but agreed to help.[17][18] The game project turned out to be Shadow the Hedgehog. For the game, Brotherton produced and remixed tracks including "E.G.G.M.A.N.", entitling the remix "E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc. Robeatnix Mix", and remixes of Sonic Adventure 2's "GUN Mobile" for the boss themes "Heavy Dog" and "Blue Falcon".[19]


Lee Brotherton

Lee Brotherton

Often some of Jones’ compositions and writing work is credited to his birth name (Lee Brotherton)[20] or his production house (the Remix Factory). As Lee Brotherton, he co-wrote and performed "Dreams of an Absolution" from the video-game Sonic the Hedgehog which featured music from fellow J-pop artists Dreams Come True. The track featured on the original soundtrack as well as a compilation - Several Wills - consisting of the game's featured tracks from other artists including Zebrahead and long-time collaborators Crush 40.[21] Brotherton was also involved in the arrangement and engineering of the Crush 40 version of "His World".[22] For the soundtrack of Sonic Rivals, Brotherton composed a track entitled "Quick Trip to Paradise", which was used as the music for the "Forest Falls Zone".[23][24][25]


The Birth of Bentley Jones

Army 1

In November 2007, Brotherton began segregating himself from the Remix Factory to concentrate on his own work as an artist under the pseudonym Bentley Jones.[26] His music as "BJ" quickly became popular amongst fans of his earlier work, leading to Jones’ remix of the song "Open Your Heart" from the video-game Sonic Adventure, which was featured on the compilation album True Blue: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog early in 2008.[27][28]


Summer of Sonic 2008

The 3 J's 2

"The Three Jays": Richard Jacques, TJ Davis, and Bentley Jones

In August, Jones was a special guest at the first Summer of Sonic event in London UK to celebrate his work composing for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.[29] Jones arranged and performed the main theme of the convention, titling the theme "His World ~Blue World Prelude~" – an adaptation of the song "His World", which he also worked on for the video-game Sonic the Hedgehog. A studio version of the song was subsequently made available for free download from the Summer of Sonic website, with the song being a free gift for the fans.[30] He also performed a new version of "Dreams of an Absolution" called the "Ballad Version" with fellow composer Richard Jacques, and another new version of the song "His World" called "His World ~Reprise~". To end the show, Jones and Jacques joined TJ Davis for the song "Dreams Dreams" from the game NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

Also in August 2008, Jones collaborated with French duo Cassandre for remixes of the track "Liberté", broadening his linguistic spectrum to French as well as English and Japanese.[31][32][33]

Digression into J-pop

White shirt
Main article: One Hand High

Early in 2008, Jones was touring the UK testing tracks for a tentative English album under the advisement of his UK management. However, by the summer, Jones parted ways with his management due to frustration over a slow pace of progression and his English album was put on hold. Using his knowledge of managing the Remix Factory, he took care of his own artist management and soon landed himself his first major-label deal.[34][35]

Jones had stated in several interviews that he was a fan of Japanese musicians and artists – a curiosity that had come to fruition by working with Japanese video-game composers and artists.[36] One of the artists he claims to be deeply inspired by is Utada Hikaru, an aspiration that was brought to reality when he was offered a deal by the same record label – EMI Music Japan – in November 2008.


Jones is also known for being a fan of Japanese star Ayumi Hamasaki. Not only did he cover her song "Depend on you" entirely in Japanese, but he rewrote it into English as a new track called "Depend on me". These two covers resulted in lots of attention from J-pop and Ayumi Hamasaki fans, the large majority of which was very positive.[37] Further on, the English version would be retitled "Depend on you ~Depend on me~" and feature on Jones' debut Japanese album. In May 2008, Jones guest vocaled and remixed Hamasaki's previously #1-single "Step You" as a special promotion for Avex Trax in Japan.



FINAL NIGHT (Digital Single)
Main article: TRANS//LATION

In January 2009, Jones announced the forthcoming release of the Japanese digital single "素直になれたら ~FINAL NIGHT~" - an English reworking of the Japanese original "素直になれたら" ("Sunao ni Naretara") originally recorded by Juju featuring Spontania/ Jeff Miyahara - the original producer and one of the writers of "Sunao ni Naretara" - liked Jones' version so much that not only did he give permission for the English rewrite, but offered to collaborate with Jones for his second album.


On March 4 2009 the song "素直になれたら ~FINAL NIGHT~" was released as a mobile digital single - the first from the album TRANS//LATION.[38] It debuted on the Recochoku international daily chart at #7 before quickly rising to #5 despite very little promotion. Following its success, a remix of the track was announced to appear on the forthcoming "Love House" compilation album. The single would later be re-released as a remix single containing a remix by Phunkstar which would also be promoted in the UK, marking the first cross-over promotion of TRANS//LATION.[39]

TRANS//LATION was released on March 25, 2009.[40] The album is a collection of Japanese songs reworked into Jones' signature electro-pop style and, in places, rewritten into English. All of the English lyrics, and the production and arrangement of the album was done by Jones. As well as endorsement from Jeff Miyahara, J-pop megastar Ayumi Hamasaki reviewed one of Jones' tracks from the album and offered her personal approval for an English rewrite of one of her songs.


Jones is unique as he is the first ever British artist to have a major label Japanese album release.[41]

On March 27, 2009, the song "DEPARTURES" was released as a mobile ringtone.[42]

Following TRANS//LATION's release, in February 2009, it was announced that Jones was to feature on the international soundtrack for the video-game Sonic and the Black Knight. It was later revealed that Jones had recorded the track "Seven Rings in Hand ~Fairytales in Trance~" and was released on the soundtrack CD Face to Faith in Japan on April 8.[43]

Phunkstar's Identity Revealed

Phunkstar SHORT 20111
Main article: PHUNKST★R

On May 12, 2009, Jones announced that he was producing a brand new remix for Whitney Houston to help promote her forthcoming single "I Don't Know My Own Strength".[44] He also revealed that he was behind the Phunkstar moniker and that, as Phunkstar, has previously remixed Beyoncé and Britney Spears. The Phunkstar 2009 remix of "I'm Every Woman" was promoted throughout Europe by UK label DMC.[45]

Gaia Online's "PROMAGEDDON"

492px-Gaia Online - Promageddon - 3 Track Sampler
Main article: 3-Track Sampler

On May 16, 2009, Jones announced that he was attending the online event "PROMAGEDDON" hosted by the Gaia Online social network.[46][47][48] Three half-completed demos were selected by Gaia from an album sampler that Jones was in the process of putting together, along with tracks from fellow collaborator and J-pop producer Jeff Miyahara, to be the soundtrack of the event. Despite the tracks' premature condition, the songs proved to be incredibly popular and were streamed 1,152,835 times in less than a week making Bentley's music the most popular of the entire event.[49] Due to demand, Bentley made the demos available to listen to through his YouTube channel in an album called the 3-Track Sampler and said that thanks to his fans' reactions, he was more confident with his new style of music.[50] He also stated that he was looking for a new label to release a particular project implying that he had parted ways with EMI Music Japan.

Jones also revealed that as well as currently working with writer and producer Jeff Miyahara, he is collaborating with BAFTA award-winning composer Jeremy Soule[51] and J-pop writer and producer Army Slick who has worked with the likes of ZoA and ZEEBRA.[52]

Summer of Sonic 2009

Summer of Sonic 2009 (Set 1)

Jones also reappeared at Summer of Sonic 2009 as the headlining musical guest, performing a selection of tracks from his Japanese album, songs from the 3-Track Sampler, as well as those featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Included in the first set was a parody of the song "They Call Me Sonic", the original of which has become notorious amongst the fanbase. A studio version of Jones' parody was later made available for free download from several Sonic community websites.[53][54] He also performed a surprise acoustic set with Nick Jennison from UK band Under the Gun which included rearranged renditions of his single "Sunao ni Naretara ~FINAL NIGHT~", "Dreams of an Absolution", an exclusive cover of "Escape from the City" from Sonic Adventure 2, and "GLAMOROUS SKY". TRANS//LATION was available for sale and later in the day, Jones did a signing session for fans.


So Much More...

304px-So Much More
Main article: So Much More... (EP)

On December 4, 2009, Jones uploaded a video to YouTube officially announcing an EP - So Much More....[55] The EP So Much More... features the theme for Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing, the title track "So Much More...". Different remixes of the song were also made and featured on the EP, including remixes by Phunkstar and Fantazia Projekt, as well as an instrumental of the original track. There is also a different version of the song called the "Ballad Version" which also has an official music video to follow. Jones also includes a song titled "U Won't 4get ME" as a theme for himself. Taken from his 3-Track Sampler from Gaia Online's PROMAGEDDON is the full version of the song "Swing Baby!", and a new song called "Alpha Dog" is featured on the EP as well.[56]


Taken from Bentley’s official blog, below is a statement regarding his work with Sonic Team:

“It disappoints me to announce that the latest SEGA / Wave-Master releases relating to the Sonic series have proceeded without my consent, approval or notification. Specifically regarding the “True Colors” album, I wish to stress that I have not paid any direct contribution to its production at any point and is therefore not an accurate representation of my work. Furthermore; the music, vocals, production, engineering and my likeness(es) that appear on these albums do so without my permission, proper crediting and, in some instances, by breaching the copyrights of my work.

The royalties that I would normally be entitled to for any music that I have written have been denied, and so the only people who have been profiting from the exploitation of me and my music are SEGA.

The delay in issuing this statement has been due to legal investigations, and because of ongoing inquiries it may not be possible to comment on this area of my work through any medium: my sincerest apologies to the fans. Under protest, I will not list nor promote these albums as I do not consider them to be official additions to my discography.

I hope that my fans will understand and sympathise with this situation and I hope it will be resolved very soon.

// Bentley x”


Main article: WE Я ANIMADE

On June 19, 2010, Bentley uploaded a trailer video to YouTube titled "WE Я ANIMADE (MCM Expo Trailer)".[57] At the London MCM Expo convention, it was revealed that WE Я ANIMADE would be Bentley's second Japanese album. During the convention, Bentley and the band Under the Gun performed various songs from NARUTO (possibly "道~to you all"), K-ON! ("Don't say "lazy""), Macross Frontier ("Lion") and Neon Genesis EVANGELION ("Sousei no Aquarion", the song that can be heard in the WE Я ANIMADE Expo trailer) as well as a couple of Bentley's own songs from Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing ("So Much More...") and TRANS//LATION ("GLAMOROUS SKY", which Bentley posted on YouTube as the J-HYBRID and E-HYBRID versions.[58][59][60]).[61]

Alpha Dog (US Remixes)

Alpha Dog (US Remixes)
Main article: Alpha Dog (US Remixes)

Following its release on the So Much More... EP, the song "Alpha Dog" by British artist Bentley Jones has garnered considerable attention from DJs in Los Angeles and New York. So much so that a full promo single has been demanded featuring brand new remixes.The promo contains the new Phunkstar versions, a brand made famous for Bentley's previous remixes for Beyonce, Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole, Whitney Houston and more.

Alpha Dog's sensation follows Bentley's successful signing to the Max Steiner Agency in Hollywood, who are currently managing his artist work in the US as well as his TV, film and video-game representation for the rest of the world.[62]

Alpha Dog (US Remixes) was released on 05-07-2010 as a digital single.

Devil's Cry (Shall Never Surrender)

Devil's Cry (Shall Never Surrender)
Main article: Devil's Cry (Shall Never Surrender)

"Devil's Cry (Shall Never Surrender)" is a reworking of "Shall Never Surrender" from the game Devil May Cry 4. According to Bentley's Vlog, the cover, "Devil's Cry", was inspired the moment he heard "Shall Never Surrender". He also described "Devil's Cry" as a preview to where we wants to take his music.

Finally Free

304px-Finally Free
Main article: Finally Free

After breaking loose of the industry’s constraints and restrictions, Bentley quietly released the protest-memoir mini-album Finally Free addressing it exclusively to his fans stating that he “made efforts to exclude any influence from labels, studios, companies, managers and agents in order to produce the purest expression of me, for me to give to you.” Despite receiving no promotion and being rush-released due to existing commitments, the album was streamed over 15,000 times within 3 weeks of its release, immediately selling out the CD-version and was once again picked up for club promotion in the UK and Europe.



Trans2 frontsleeve 0
Main article: TRANS//LATION 2

British singer-songwriter, producer, composer, remixer and international artist Bentley Jones is back with TRANS//LATION 2 - the bi-lingual sequel to his debut Japanese album. This time he's assaulting on all fronts with a personal selection of Western English standards, a handful of Japanese classics as well as brand new versions of his hit single "素直になれたら ~FINAL NIGHT~" and his artist debut "Dreams of an Absolution".

Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones)

Dsc 0279 singlecover 400x400
Main article: Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones)

"Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones)" is Bentley's first single from his Asia original artist debut that was released on the 24th of August 2011. [63] As of the 5th of September 2011, the PHUNKST★R Radio Mix of "Oh-Wei-Oh" is now available for free download from to say thanks to the fans for supporting TRANS//LATION 2. [64][65][66] The "Live Piano Acoustic" version of this song was uploaded to YouTube to apologize for the delays in the release of this song. [67]


61RfO0tbgQL. SL500 AA280
Main article: MUZIK

Young contacted Bentley Jones to request a remix of "MUZIK". During the process, Jones added in his vocals and sent it to Young. Young liked it so much that he wanted to include it in the final version, featuring Bentley Jones on lead vocals and also in charge of production and arrangement.

Bad Boi / Gimme More

Bentleyjones 2011 10 low
Main article: Bad Boi / Gimme More

The single Bad Boi / Gimme More was released on 12 October 2011 as an international digital download. This single features the two songs "Bad Boi" and "Gimme More" ~English STEPPA Version~. [68]


Bentley aw 2 600x600
Main article: Entourage (EP)

Entourage is both Bentley's second EP (proceeding So Much More...) and second mini-album (proceeding Finally Free) that was released on the 9th of November 2011. [69] This EP features Curtis Young in the song "Entourage", and Nick Jennison in the song "Joyful". Official music videos were produced for the songs "Entourage" and "Joyful", while official lyric videos were produced for the songs "STUTTA" and "My Name is Bentley ~BENDAYO~".



81BvxzV6PhL. AA1500
Main article: UPGRADE 1.0

UPGRADE is bursting with 15 brand new tracks – all written, produced and arranged by Bentley himself – featuring collaborations with J-pop princess May J., the young and fierce Japanese rapper SHUN, J-urban diva Tomomi Shibata (柴田知美), and son of the legendary Dr. DreCurtis Young. [70]



Main article: Bandana-na-na

"Bandana-na-na" is a single that was available as a free digital download exclusively to TRUTHSt4lk3rz for a limited time only. [71][72][73]


Phunkstar10year front no-bleed 800x800
Main article: PHUNKSTAR 10th Anniversary Best Remixes Collection

PHUNKSTAR 10th Anniversary Best Remixes Collection is a compilation of Bentley Jones' best PHUNKST★R remixes over the past ten years released by DMC as part of their Monsterjam series. [74] [75] [76] [77] This remix album was also made in accommodation of the Remix Factory's tenth anniversary. [78]

Walks Like Rihanna

Walks Like Rihanna - Single
Main article: Walks Like Rihanna

"Walks Like Rihanna" is a cover of the original performed by The Wanted, released as a single by Bentley under his Remix Factory Music label. [79]

ICUCM / Ain't Nobody

Main article: ICUCM / Ain't Nobody

ICUCM / Ain't Nobody is a digital single and extended play that was released under the Remix Factory Music label on 24 May 2013. The EP contains "ICUCM" featuring Mark McLaughlin and "Ain't Nobody" - a cover of the original performed by Chaka Khan. It also includes instrumental versions of the two songs, as well as an orchestral version of "ICUCM" which also has an instrumental. [80] [81] [82]

The Place Where Dreaming Ends

Main article: The Place Where Dreaming Ends (EP)

The Place Where Dreaming Ends is an extended play released on 4th October, 2013. Since joining Avex in Japan as a writer and producer, Bentley Jones has been writing songs for other artists for the past few months, as well as keeping his new management informed of the songs he plans to release for himself. After hearing the EP and loving it, Avex requested to have another artist record two of the songs that were planned to debut on the EP for themselves. Due to the artist being someone that Bentley admired for a very long time, he agreed to allow them to record the songs.

However, the artist was still deciding if they would take the songs, leaving Bentley to either write two replacement songs for the EP, release the EP with the current shorter track list, wait to see if the two tracks would become available again or release the current tracks as singles. [83]

The Closing of the Year

The Closing of the Year (2014)
Main article: The Closing of the Year (EP)

The Closing of the Year is a Winter/Christmas extended play released on 26th November, 2013 on Bentley Jones Official Site. [84] [85]



Evolve cover art
Main article: Evolve

"Evolve" is a single by Bentley Jones released on 2nd May, 2014 under the Remix Factory Music label. [86] [87] The single is also featured on the fourth full-length studio album Defying Gravity. [88] [89]

Nothing. Everything.

Nothing. Everything. cover art
Main article: Nothing. Everything.

"Nothing. Everything." is a single by Bentley Jones released on 16th June, 2014 under the Remix Factory Music label. [90] The single is also featured on the fourth full-length studio album Defying Gravity.

Defying Gravity

Deluxe front cover 600x600
Main article: Defying Gravity (album)

Defying Gravity is the fourth full-length studio album from Bentley Jones labeled under the Remix Factory Music. In addition to including 15 brand new tracks and rearrangements, the Deluxe Edition of the album will also contain a Bonus DVD, Lyric and Photobook, Artwork Slipcase, exclusive pre-order only bonus track download and all pre-orders will be signed by Bentley. [91]

Personal Life


Jones is an accomplished dancer and is known to train both professionally and in his free time. [92] In March 2008 on the eve of his birthday, Jones fell ill and developed a tumour on his back. [93] Details of the illness were kept private but in September he announced that although his medical treatment was yet to finish, he was feeling fully recovered and his work activities had returned to normal. However, as of July 2009 he is still receiving physiotherapy for his injuries.

RIP Nibbles

Nibbles 1
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On October 27, 2010, Jones uploaded a short VLOG passing on the news of Nibbles, his mother's pet bunny. Nibbles apparently was very ill and had to be put to sleep. As a tribute for Nibbles, Jones tells his viewers that he will be making a photo album on Facebook consisting of photos and artwork from fans dedicated to Nibbles.


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  • The bridge in "Dreams of an Absolution", bears a resemblance to the Green Hill Zone music. Composer Lee Brotherton stated that this was not intended, but is appreciated.[94]
  • Bentley Jones is the first ever British artist to have a major-label Japanese album after signing a deal with EMI Music Japan.[95]

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