Bentley Jones Official Site ( is the main site of Bentley Jones presented by the Remix Factory. The Remix Factory keep the viewers updated on Bentley's music activities[1]; Bentley himself provides the lyrical breakdowns[2] and other features on the site.[3]

Shop logo

Shop logo.

The Bentley Jones Official Site is accompanied by the Bentley Jones Official Shop, where fans can purchase merchandise, such as CDs, digital downloads, and much more. These items can also be purchased from digital retailers, such as iTunes, Amazon, Recochoku, and CDJapan.

The site also includes sections for the following:

  • PHUNKST★R - where previews of Bentley's remixes can be streamed via SoundCloud.[4][5]
  • Biography - where Bentley's biography can be viewed.[6]
  • TRUTHSt4lk3rz - this function of the site allows registered members to receive exclusive content including downloads, videos, events, competitions, blog entries and merchandise.[7][8]
  • Galleries - where Bentley's press shots[9] and "on the road" snap shots can be viewed.[10]
  • Help & Contact - provides a means to contact Bentley and the Remix Factory[11]. This section also gives facts about Downloading[12], PayPal[13], Shipping[14], Terms and Conditions[15], Privacy Policy[16], and Submissions Terms & Agreements.[17]

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For more artwork, see: Bentley Jones Official Site/Gallery

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