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PHUNKST★R is the production brand that Bentley Jones uses when he is commissioned to compose official remixes for other artists, as well as his own projects. PHUNKST★R is also an affiliate of the Remix Factory, along with K-Klub and Fantazia Projekt. [2] In 2013, PHUNKST★R's sound evolved, becoming more "progressive, deep and techy than before." Such remixes that receive the evolution treatment are branded as "PHUNKST★R Evolution Mixes". [3]

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Common remixing branches of PHUNKST★R include:

  • PHUNKST★R Vocal Mix - full version of the remix.
  • PHUNKST★R Radio Mix - shortened version of the remix suited for radio play.
  • PHUNKST★R Club Radio Edit - edited version of the radio remix.
  • PHUNKST★R Extended Mix - extended version of the full remix.
  • PHUNKST★R Extended Club Mix - extended version of the club remix.


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PHUNKST★R was never meant to be. PHUNKST★R is a freak of existence that nature never intended. PHUNKST★R is the bastardized brainchild of international recording artist, producer, song-writer and composer Bentley Jones. Acting as an alias for his dance and remix outputs, PHUNKST★R soon outgrew its parental restraints and phunked off into the big wide world in search of sub-bass substance.

Along the way PHUNKST★R made some friends. These friends wanted a piece of PHUNKST★R‘s charismatic charm. In the process PHUNKST★R produced official remixes for these friends, including Beyonce, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Sia,, Ariana Grande, Madonna, Miley Cyrus and more.

People seemed to like these remixes and the projects PHUNKST★R was involved in garnered countless club chart toppers including UK Music Week Club Chart, US Billboard, European Dance Chart and even Oricon and Recochoku Japan Charts.

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