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47:55 (w/ "U Won't 4get ME" - Dirty Version)


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Sequel: Entourage (2011)


So Much More... is Bentley's debut extended play that was released on 19 January, 2010. This is the first project to be released on the Remix Factory Music label.

EP InformationEdit

On December 4, 2009, Jones uploaded a video to YouTube officially announcing an EP - So Much More....[1] The EP So Much More... features the theme for Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing, the title track "So Much More...". Different remixes of the song were also made and featured on the EP, including remixes by Phunkstar and Fantazia Projekt, as well as an instrumental of the original track. There is also a different version of the song called the "Ballad Version" which also has an official music video to follow. Jones also includes a song titled "U Won't 4get ME" as a theme for himself. Taken from his 3-Track Sampler from Gaia Online's PROMAGEDDON is the full version of the song "Swing Baby!", and a new song called "Alpha Dog" is featured on the EP as well.[2]

Jones wished to get his fans more involved with the production of So Much More...[3], so he gave his fans the chance to vote for the official cover artwork of the EP.[4] Cover #4 received the most votes and was therefore made the official artwork of the So Much More... EP. Jones also held a So Much More... video competition where participants had the chance to star in the official music video for the song "So Much More...".[5] Unfortunately, production of the music video was cancelled due to many participants wanting to include game characters in their entries.[6] Winners of the competition were announced and credited by Bentley himself.[7]

Inside the So Much More... CD case, the sleeve notes state that the EP, "So Much More..., was taken from the forthcoming album Finally Free (working title)". It also states in his official biography that later in 2010, he would be releasing his debut English album in response to demand from fans.

On February 17, 2010, Bentley Jones uploaded a video to YouTube announcing that he would be performing live at the Midland MCM Expo in Telford, UK on Saturday February 20th, 2010 as well as doing a signing session and answering his fans' questions, also focusing on advertising So Much More....[8] Before his onstage performance, Bentley rehearsed an acapella of "So Much More..." as a warm up.[9] During the convention, Bentley performed "Alpha Dog", "U Won't 4get M.E.", a TRANS//LATION medley, which included the songs "強く儚い者たち" and "気分上々↑↑", and lastly, "So Much More...". After "U Won't 4get M.E." was performed, Jones was interviewed.[10] Afterwards, Jones was one of the three judges to judge the Cosplay Masquerade.

Announcement and CompetitionEdit

Track ListingEdit

  1. "So Much More…" (“Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing”)
  2. "U Won’t 4get ME" ~theme of Bentley Jones~ (Clean Version)
  3. "Swing Baby!"
  4. "So Much More…" ~Ballad Version~
  5. "Alpha Dog"
  6. "So Much More…" (Fantazia Projekt Radio Mix)
  7. "So Much More…" (Phunkstar Extended Mix)
  8. "So Much More…" (Fantazia Projekt Remix)
  9. "So Much More…" (Instrumental)


So Much More... ~Ballad Version~ Official Music VideoEdit

So Much More..

So Much More... ~Ballad Version~ (Short HD) - Bentley Jones

Live @ Midland MCM Expo 20-02-10Edit



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MCM Expo Telford 2010Edit

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So Much More...
So Much More...U Won't 4get MESwing Baby!Alpha Dog
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