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The Place Where Dreaming Ends
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Prequel: ICUCM / Ain't Nobody (2013)
Sequel: The Closing of the Year (2013)


1. "Bandana-na-na"

The Place Where Dreaming Ends (abbreviated TPWDE) is an extended play released on 4th October, 2013. Since joining Avex in Japan as a writer and producer, Bentley Jones has been writing songs for other artists for the past few months, as well as keeping his new management informed of the songs he plans to release for himself. After hearing the EP and loving it, Avex requested to have another artist record two of the songs that were planned to debut on the EP for themselves. Due to the artist being someone that Bentley admired for a very long time, he agreed to allow them to record the songs.

However, the artist was still deciding if they would take the songs, leaving Bentley to either write two replacement songs for the EP, release the EP with the current shorter track list, wait to see if the two tracks would become available again or release the current tracks as singles. [2]

On 9th September, 2013, Bentley announced that he had recorded a new song for the EP, but was unsure if it was the right one to release. [3] Days later, Bentley revealed that he would be finishing a new song titled "What Now...?". [4] [5] On 10th October, 2013, Bentley announced that he had begun filming a music video for "What Now...?". [6] The music video was released on Friday, 1st November, 2013. [7] [8]

On 29th September, 2013, Bentley confirmed that fans will be able to download a free PHUNKST★R remix of the EP's title track on its release date, 4th October, 2013. [9]

On 3rd July, 2014, during a live radio interview with RadioSEGA, Bentley revealed that the TPWDE EP was originally planned to be a full-length album titled TRUTH, but due to the artist who wanted to cover two of the tracks that were planned to be on the project - one track confirmed to be "Nothing. Everything." - as well as time constraints, TRUTH was released as an EP titled The Place Where Dreaming Ends instead of an album. [10] [11]

Track ListingEdit

  1. "What Now...?"
  2. "The Place Where Dreaming Ends"
  3. "A Letter to my Ex"
  4. "Look Mama! (They Stole My Song)"
  5. BONUS TRACK: "Bandana-na-na"
  6. FREE DOWNLOAD: "The Place Where Dreaming Ends" (PHUNKSTAR Evo-Edit)


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The Place Where Dreaming Ends
What Now...?The Place Where Dreaming EndsA Letter to my ExLook Mama! (They Stole My Song)Bandana-na-na
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