UPGRADE 0.2 〜Videos〜
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UPGRADE 0.2 〜Videos〜 is a bonus HD MP4 video download of UPGRADE 1.0

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UPGRADE 0.2 〜Videos〜 is a bonus DVD-R of the full-length English album, UPGRADE 1.0, along with UPGRADE 0.1 〜Non-stop Megamix〜. It contains two music videos: "Sexy People", which was produced in Birmingham, United Kingdom and features many of Bentley's closest friends, Nick Jennison amongst them. The second music video is the UPGRADE Wynter version of "Joyful", which was produced in Niigata, Japan. This DVD-R is part of UPGRADE 1.0 〜The Complete UPGRADE Limited Edition〜, which is a limited edition bundle that was available for international fans.

Due to an issue with the UPGRADE 0.2 DVDs, the videos were sent in digital high definition via email to all customers who purchased the DVD, along with a short message video from Bentley apologising for the issue. In the video, Jones stresses that the issue had nothing to do with Bentley Jones Official Site. After two months of the ongoing problem, Jones decided that the customers shouldn't have to wait any longer for their videos, thus leading to the digital release.

According to a note that was sent to all customers who purchased UPGRADE 0.2, the DVDs are still subject for release once the issue has been resolved. Due to the HD MP4 digital release, it is unlikely that the DVDs will ever be released.

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  1. "Sexy People" (Video)
  2. "Joyful" (UPGRADE Wynter Ver.) (Video)


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