UPGRADE 1.0 〜The Complete UPGRADE Limited Edition〜
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The limited edition bundle of UPGRADE 1.0

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UPGRADE 〜The Complete UPGRADE Limited Edition〜 is the limited edition bundle of the full-length English album, UPGRADE 1.0. The set includes UPGRADE 1.0 CD album with bonus CD and HD MP4 video downloads along with signed UPGRADE artwork exclusive to The first orders included a free UPGRADE 1.0 promotional poster, which sold out in less than 20 hours. [1]

Track ListingEdit

UPGRADE 1.0 [CD/MP3]Edit

  1. "Down in Tokyo" (UPGRADE Ver.)
  2. "" (featuring May J. and Curtis Young)
  3. "Sexy People"
  4. "Boys and Girls" (featuring 柴田知美)
  5. "Ready to be Loved"
  6. "The City of Angels"
  7. "DizKonnekt ~Touchscreen Segue~"
  8. "Touchscreen"
  9. "Invincible" (featuring SHUN)
  10. "Let Me Be With You"
  11. "TOKKATA"
  12. "Emersion ~Intermezzo~"
  13. "理由 ~Give me a Reason~"
  14. "Joyful" (UPGRADE Wynter Ver.)
  15. "Just for You"

UPGRADE 0.1 〜Non-stop Megamix〜 [Bonus CD-R]Edit

Tracks 1-6 mixed by VDJ Ta-shi (The Clock Position). Tracks 7-14 mixed by Bentley.

  1. "MUZIK" (Curtis Young featuring Bentley JonesPHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)
  2. "Bad Boi"
  3. "Invincible" (featuring SHUN)
  4. "Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones" – PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix)
  5. "Down in Tokyo" (UPGRADE Ver.)
  6. "Sexy People" (PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix)
  7. "STUTTA"
  8. "Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones" – Original Mix)
  9. "MUZIK" (Curtis Young featuring Bentley Jones – Original Mix)
  10. "Touchscreen" (PHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)
  11. "Ready to be Loved" (PHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)
  12. "Let Me Be With You"
  13. "Joyful (UPGRADE Wynter Ver.)
  14. "Down in Tokyo" (UPGRADE Ver.)

UPGRADE 0.2 〜Videos〜 [HD MP4 Video Download]Edit

  1. "Sexy People" (Video)
  2. "Joyful" (UPGRADE Wynter Ver.) (Video)

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